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If you’re a diehard music lover, chances are you madly follow one or more artists and would love to watch and hear them perform. Gone are the days of looking for your favourite band on video sites for past performances. Tired of following their social pages, reading their posts without being able to be apart of the network?

Become a fan on MusoStar

With MusoStar, you can really be the fan you always wanted to be. MusoStar allows you to connect with your favourite musicians from all over the world. Become the growing fan-base of your favorite artist and they become available to you in a new virtual way. Artists can post updates about their forthcoming performances, shows, and concerts so that you can keep yourselves available. Even if you miss a show, artists themselves can post a live recording of their past performances.

Find new talent

MusoStar is also a great platform for new and talented artists where they can showcase their talents and grow their popularity. You, as a fan, can actually find many lesser known artists who are talented enough to deserve your attention. You can help your new favourites grow popular by sharing their posts with your own MusoStar circle. By sharing their posts, you will be spreading awareness about the artists you like and the content they have shared.

Groups and events

MusoStar helps the newer artists earn unprecedented reputation amongst their peers and fans, it helps you enjoy the freshest music right from your own home. You can like and comment on their posts to tell them what you think of their performances. You can create groups to share and join like minded fans to participate in discussions. Fan groups as well as musicians can post, organize and monitor gigs, concerts and promotional events.

Keep in the loop

Once you start following your favourite artists, you will start receiving automated notifications about their posts. This means that you will never miss an event involving that artist and also, will have chances to receive all the music, videos, photographs, posts and status updates shared by that artist. You can even help your favorite artist get rewarded through MusoStar. Simply subscribing to the profile of your favourite artist,  they may become eligible to receive front page advertisements and valued recording packages.

MusoStar allows you to become an integral part of the world of music connected across geographical boundaries with national, international, and regional music stars. As a fan, you contribute to the evolution of the best talents in the industry. As a music lover, you get much more than what was ever available at a single place and stay connected with the musicians you adore!


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