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It is the dream of every musician to be heard and appreciated. There is nothing like having a platform that can let you showcase your work. By publishing your musical works and videos, you can be more easily discovered. With a mission to connect people from around the world, the idea of MusoStar was created.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a recording company looking for a lead singer, a band seeking a guitarist, or a struggling singer looking to join a band, MusoStar features them all. With thousands of musicians from every genre present in our network, you have abundance to choose from. is the highest rated network for musicians online. Featuring thousands of musicians from all over the world, it gives you thousands of opportunities to connect with both local and global musicians. At MusoStar, musicians from all over the world are brought together to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Search for musicians

Unlike other online music forums, MusoStar provides a completely dedicated profile page to every musician. Anyone, interested in hiring a musician can search through a local and international directory. Check their profile and works to find if this is the right musician to meet their needs. You can also use the social networking feature of the website to connect with these musicians. You can make friends, chat with them, like their work, and read the latest newsfeeds to find out the latest and newest samples posted by them. Searching for musicians you need couldn’t be any easier.

Check out the latest songs

At MusoStar, you get the chance to instantly check the latest works and samples from any publicly listed musicians. There is no need to post ad’s and go through the hassle of conducting auditions. For instance, if you are looking for a bass guitarist for your band, you can simply search for guitarist in your area, check the samples of the shortlisted guitarist, and contact them directly through MusoStar. The entire process of searching and finding a musician is, simple and fun!

You can not only search for musicians but can create events, groups, post your ads, or organize your favourite artists and music using MusoStar. All in all MusoStar is a complete package opening doors for new talent and creating new opportunities for both musos and those searching for them!


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