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There are countless reasons why you should join MusoStar and become part of the largest network of musicians in the entire world. MusoStar is a unique revolutionary idea that brings social networking together with a video sharing service.

Create a personal portfolio

By joining MusoStar, you get your own personal profile that is created for you on the MusoStar network. In your personal MusoStar account, you can have your own profile page, own blog and friends feeds. You can enter your details as well as build your own profile by adding videos and photos of your original work that showcases your talents and interests. Unlike the huge crowds of people present in other social networking sites, the people in the MusoStar network are those who are genuinely involved or interested in the music industry.

Make friends and get discovered

By becoming a part of the MusoStar network, you can make new friends. You can message and chat online with other musos or members just the way you do on other social networking sites. You can also comment/like photos, songs and videos posted on your friends news feed. However, the major difference here would be that the videos and content posted are solely music videos. So, the chances of finding the right producer or even record company to take your career to the next level would be much easier. Becoming a part of the MusoStar network may open many new doors for you, getting your talents recognized by the right people.

Find the right musician

In addition to getting exposure, MusoStar can also serve as a platform to find the right musician you are looking for your band or to get work as a freelance musician. For example, if you are in a band and you are looking for a drummer. You can register on our website and with just a few clicks you can search and find a list of all the drummers in your local area. You can then check their portfolio, videos, photos and music to find whom is best suited for your band. You can even contact them directly by sending them a message using MusoStar. You need not waste time and money arranging auditions. You can simply contact your shortlist of drummers and can then begin your process of selecting the right one to be apart of your group. It’s as simple as that!

Find work as a musician

If you are looking for work, you can use your MusoStar account as a personal portfolio of your musical career to present to potential customers. Interested persons can check your work samples here to acknowledge if you are the right person for the position. The whole process is smooth, convenient and most importantly free.

No other website bring musicians and fans together the way MusoStar does. Anyone who loves music cannot miss being part of this brilliant network.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our network today!


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